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Win10 upgrade thwarted by residual Buffalo app

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I cannot get Windows Upgrade to complete its download of Windows10, evidently due to my past installation of Buffalo TurboPC.
Going on three years, I have not been using my old Buffalo external drive for backup duties, and my "Add/Remove Programs" (in addition to Revo Uninstaller!) cannot find anything of the BUFFALO TurboPC EX program ("app") that Microsoft upgrade asserts to be resident on my PC.  I've restarted my system and restarted the download for the Win10 upgrade repeatedly, but I still can't get past the Windows Update prompt appearing as follows: "We couldn't uninstall these apps.  You'll need to remove these apps yourself, and then select Refresh.  We need to uninstall these programs for now, but you can reinstall them after the upgrade is done."  ...after which there's a List with only a single entry--BUFFALO TurboPC EX Series" ...and down at the bottom a click button labeled "Refresh"

You should have a PM from me.

Reinstalling and uninstalling the app worked for me

Why private instead of openly on the forum?  :-[
If you mean the Buffalo app, I don't possess it for certain, & I haven't the slightest wish to install it again. Or is the Texturtle workaround the "it" that you mean?

I used a PM because the solution I suggest is not official.


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