Author Topic: Buffalo WZR 1750: Why is it SO BAD?  (Read 1527 times)


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Buffalo WZR 1750: Why is it SO BAD?
« on: June 06, 2016, 09:23:34 am »
I have a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 with DD-WRT (only WiFi G). It works fine, as good as it gets, great router. I decided to upgrade to a Buffalo WZR 1750, WiFi AC, dual band, gigabit, best current Buffalo router, not as expensive as others.

The Buffalo WZR 1750 is a bad as it gets. The wifi range and speed are ridiculous, I can get the old  router to transmit 1 Mb/s in G mode as repeater and the WZR 1750 will connect using G or N at 5-10 KB/s (dial up speeds), then drop the connection.

I've tried the Buffalo stock FW, the Buffalo branded dd-wrt FW, and several recommended dd-wrt versions, including latest beta. What is wrong with this router? Why is it so bad? I've been using dd-wrt for years and I've tried everything I can to make it work.

Even if I connect the WZR 1750 to a router next to it, it does not drop the connection but the speeds are quite average, old WHR-HP-G54 is better. I don't get it. Do I have a defective unit? I've read some critics say they had similar problems before I bought mine, but I did not want to believe them, I thought they did not know how to configure it.

Should I get another unit or just ask for a refund? It's useless. I got it from amazon. Maybe you can recommend me a good router that works with the same specs and price range, maybe an ASUS.