Author Topic: ownCloud pre-installed (e.g. on LinkStation LS-CHL 2.0 TL)  (Read 3550 times)


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My NAS is (of course) a storage device. With lots of mobile devices that grow in our family I need an easy solution to sync and share files from and to the devices, including laptop computers.

I'd love to install ownCloud for this. I'm not sure if this is possible at all with the stock firmware (updated to version 1.71 today). I'd guess I'll have to install an Open Source version from somewhere to allow SSH access, which would allow me to log in onto the system and install a Bitnami ownCloud stack (say, in /opt/owncloud/).

Would be cool if ownCloud were shipped baked into the firmware, or installable (and updateable) via the web interface.
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Re: ownCloud pre-installed (e.g. on LinkStation LS-CHL 2.0 TL)
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That's an interesting idea. We'll forward to our development group. Odds are that this wouldn't get added to units that are already end of life, but it could get added to current and future units.