Author Topic: LS220DDA4 4TB Buffalo Unit  (Read 1781 times)


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LS220DDA4 4TB Buffalo Unit
« on: February 04, 2016, 12:56:35 pm »
LS220DDA4 4TB Buffalo Unit  (2x2TB).

1.  Configured as RAID1.
2.  Operating in degraded mode with amber flashes on the front of the unit.  Data seems to be all there on Array1.
3.  In the RAID section Array 2 shows "unformatted".  Is going forward with  "Recover RAID array" advisable?   selecting it takes you to the next step which is a question - All data on the disk(s) added to the array will be lost. Proceed?
4.  Will I loose data on Array1 if opting YES to proceed?  What is the Risk?