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Log of my experience rebuilding my home network with Buffalo routers and bridges

Final equipment package

Modem –ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem – (Changed out a DOCSIS 2- Motorola)
Router – WZR-1750DHP –(Changed out an Apple Time Capsule – not compatible with WLI-H4-D1300 Bridge)
Bridge – WLI-H4-D1300 – (changed out Linksys bridges)
Bridge – WZR-1750DHP configured as bridge – more options with this one as a bridge (changed out a series of Linksys bridges)

The story started with a bunch of lousy Linksys wireless bridges and my Apple time capsule.  The Linksys bridges would not/could not hold a fixed IP in some cases or did not wake up in time for work so started looking for a new bridge.  Bought a Buffalo WLI-H4-D1300 bridge and installed it.  Good download speeds, but terrible upload speeds.  I called Buffalo tech support and they mentioned that there was a compatibility issue between the WLI-H4-D1300 bridge and the Apple Time capsule router.  So I bought a new router WZR-1750DHP but figured I should get a new modem as well so replaced the DOCSIS 2 with a DOCSIS 3 (both Motorola’s).  All of this required some hours on the phone with the Buffalo tech people who were very competent and helpful.  With just these changes my wireless upload and download speeds on our COX network improved dramatically.

I wanted another bridge and while chatting with the tech support the gentleman mentioned I could use the WZR-1750DHP as a wireless bridge (supporting 6 devices) as well so ordered it because of the speed and stability of the existing Buffalo bridge.

I got the new bridge yesterday, and called Buffalo tech support (no manuals or CD with the bridges – what’s up with that??) and configured the WZR-1750DHP as a bridge.  I then hooked 2 computers, a printer and a Buffalo NAS to the new bridge.  All is well.  Life was good.

I then tried to hook up a USB printer to one of 2 USB ports on the WZR-1750DHP to no avail.  I called Buffalo tech support and spoke to a tech who shall remain nameless and she told me that Buffalo could do no more and that it should work.  Well she was wrong.

The Buffalo documentation leaves a lot to be desired both from information view and an organization point of view, however, deep in the WZR-1750DHP – manual @ on page 67 you will find a hyperlink to the utilities to hook up USB:   Pg 67 of manual -  This is the hyperlink you need.

Go there and download “Network-USB Navigator” and run it.  Your printer will have to be preinstalled on every computer that wants to use the printer, and the utility will discover the printer and set up some new ports – these will be either virtual USB ports or DOT4 ports.  And the printer works swimmingly.  However the “Network-USB Navigator” will NOT work with the latest Apple OS system, but will work with the previous ones, so my iMac with the newest Apple updates cannot use this “Network-USB Navigator”
Now here is the strangest thing I can imagine with a bunch of high priced routers and bridges with a USB port.  I quote from  Pg 69 of WZR-1750DHP manual -"You can use a printer connected to the AirStation’s USB port via any computer in your network with this software. Note: Concurrent use by multiple computers is not supported.”

I repeat for emphasis  “CONCURRENT USE BY MULTIPLE COMPUTERS IS NOT SUPPORTED.”  What is up with that??

What that means is that if you want multiple computers to use the printer, only one can be hooked up at a time, and if another computer #2 wants to use the printer then #1 computer needs to unhook from the printer.  Workable but very kludged up!

I am very happy with the speed and stability of the network and the bridges.
I am disappointed with the documentation.
I am 95% happy with the tech support.
I am disappointed with USB printer server lack of versatility.

Hope this helps someone.



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Hey JDB, I know this was  a year ago, but I am having some difficulty and awaiting a response from Buffalo tech support.

Like you said, the documentation is a bit sparse with information.  I cannot tell if I can hang a Mac OS X Journaled drive off the USB 3.0 port or not.  I'm going to go ahead and format a smaller drive (I bought a 6TB) as Mac OS X Journaled and see if it works.  Trial and error...  Are you able to use a USB drive connected to the WZR-1750DHP as a TimeMachine backup destination?

Secondly, I also am replacing a time capsule (one of the first versions with a 1TB drive) because the radio is dying on the wifi.  Otherwise, the router works perfectly as a wired device.  My second issue is that I am not able to use Back to My Mack (BtMM).  Seems uPnp isn't working correctly to get the traffic to the destination computer when I am outside my network.  (This is what I'm waiting for Buffalo Support to help me with)  Are you able to use BtMM from outside your network through this router?

Lastly, I read somewhere concerning DD-WRT that if you use this router as an AP only that the USB ports on the back are disabled.  Again, I was going to try and see by setting up the TimeCapsule as the primary wired router (turn off the wifi) and then connect the WZR-1750DHP to it via the NIC and then try to configure the WZR-1750DHP as the WAP.

Just curious what your experience is with this after a year of use?
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