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How do I reach a real person at Buffalo?

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I wanted to thank the "support chat" person and the people I have been emailing back and forth for their attempts to support me in making my experience with a product failure a satisfactory one. However, they have been unsuccessful. I am grateful for having purchased a Buffalo LS-QV8.0TL/R5 NAS back in November of 2012, and that with the recent failure of drive 1, my data is preserved on the remaining 3 drives. However, the lack of interest in solving my ultimate concern, my concern for the best solution to protect my growing data storage needs from future failures was left unmet. As such I've ordered a 12 TB NAS from a competitor to replace the failed Buffalo. This is not so much because the Buffalo device is necessary inferior. It is because communication with Buffalo has been so slow and difficult, and obtaining satisfactory results in a timely manner has been impossible.
Dave Bloom

I do not know but have read quite bad or negative reviews for buffalo support. Any specific reason for it?

Support is provided within the warranty period for consumer items and best effort after the warranty for Business products.

This is standard across the industry for consumer goods. To get the level of support that you might need, then I'd encourage you to look at a TeraStation, perhaps with an extended warranty.

On a side note, having 4 hard drives run for 5 years with only a single failure is an extremely good result. If only a single drive failed, then replacing it should be very simple. If that didn't fix it, and the community can't help you, it may be necessary to replace the unit and restore from backup, or if this is the backup, restore from the original (back up again).

You got a point too, and running for 5 years with just one failure does speak quality.

No, warranty of 30 days on consumer products is pretty much unheard of, especially on electronics and computer stuff.  No product support (live, email of chat, free or paid) after 30 days warranty  is also unheard of and for a product of this nature suicidal.  I have a storage room littered with Buffalo NAS products, which we do not know how to fix.  Is it the drive incompatible? Is it the unit itself?  Who knows and Buffalo is not telling!
Guess what we are not buying anymore?


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