Author Topic: terastation pro ts-htgl-r5 4disk nas  (Read 1953 times)


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terastation pro ts-htgl-r5 4disk nas
« on: December 11, 2015, 11:03:03 pm »
Hope someone can help.
Issue-just bought used terastation pro ii with no drives = no firmware.
Bought 4 new drives. Tested with my PC. Bios and windows10 see them. None are formatted.
Hardwired to my PC nic card with static ip
Terastation 1st comes up with TFPT E06. I start up TFTP Boot TS-HTGL-R5 1.20 and get the required notice that terastation loaded.
The terastation reboots in emergency mode. Is pingable at
Start TS-HTGL_1.35_1.39 TSUpdater. It sees the terastation BUT when I try and update getting "couldn't pass to the authentication please confirm admin password".
Start nasnavi-282, it sees the terastation, click on 'i'm here' and enter 'password', 'PASSWORD', or blank, always get error 'could not open URL'.
I have done the init/reset several times same issue. I have gone into windows safe mode. Same issue.
Searched throught the forums but no luck.
I have tried running TS-HTGL_1.33_1.31 and TS-HTGL_1.33_1.32 but the TSupdater exe will not run in windows10. I have tried compatibility with each.
The unit -SEEMS- to be functioning correctly, just can't get by the password issue.
On the forums I found where it talked about change the TSUpdater.ini. Did that.
Title = BUFFALO TS-HTGL Updater Ver.1.35
WaitReboot = 480
WaitFormat = 500

ProductID = 0x00002005
Name = TS-HTGL

VersionCheck = 0

Debug = 1

Selected debug with all 'updates' checked and 'config' 'do not check version' checked.
Still getting authentication issue.

Hope someone can help.