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DLNA Folders / Files missing
« on: November 25, 2015, 03:28:27 pm »
So you have files on your Buffalo NAS drive that you can see through Windows / Mac shares but don't appear on your DLNA device i.e. PS3, Samsung TV etc?

I was fighting with this problem for the last 48 hours and tried all the suggestions, power cycling, refreshing, re-indexing etc etc (even checking the date was correct on the files, folders and Buffalo NAS - mine's a LinkStation LS410D FYI) - all to no avail.

Then it suddenly struck me - when I was checking the dates on the missing files, I noticed something peculiar on the "Details" tab (in Windows) - they were totally blank.

By filling in the Details (or metadata) the files (and folders if all files therein are missing Details) miraculously re-appear under DLNA so start showing up on your PS3 or Samsung TV for example.

Scouting around the net there are various programmes which say they will scan your libraries and add metadata (or Details) but I have yet to try these out and see how effective / cost efficient (where applicable) they are.

Anyhoo - thought I'd share this fix with you straight away as I know how much it did my head in and there didn't appear to be any solution readily available.


P.S. The following could be a possible FREE quick fix certainly for movie files...

Hope it helps.

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