Author Topic: Wireless Connections Degrade the Wired Connections  (Read 2249 times)


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Wireless Connections Degrade the Wired Connections
« on: July 13, 2015, 11:35:54 pm »
Router : Extreme AC 1750
Firmware : 2.27

Having an issue where Wireless connections to the router greatly deteriorates the connection of the Ethernet users.

This includes complete system halts (due to waiting for data). This affects applications like Gaming or VOIP

severely and has caused disconnects.

I did a test where we had one PC only playing a game and started a Netflix or Hulu stream on a Wireless Device.

PC : 7-23Kb Stream (Constant) / 39Kb Burst
Wireless : 15Mb Stream (Constant) / 20MB Burst

The PC is fine, 100% steady Gameplay until a Wireless device starts streaming. Then it goes steady up to 2000-

4000ms and sometimes disconnects; This is one vs one device and we have several in the house. We have Cox 50Mbps

package as well.

I did a PC vs PC scenario and and had no issues when the other PC streamed Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix. (Including

all 3 at once).I've tried QOS, and it still fails to limit the Movie Streaming. I'm not very network savvy, so any

help is appreciated. I'll post some config stuff below to help (if any). Thank you in advance!

--[[ Configs ]]--
//2.4Ghz - ON
Channel : 6
Bandwidth : 20Mhz (216.7Mbps)

SSID Isolation : OFF
SSID : ###
Auth : WPA2-PSK
Encrypt : AES
WPA-PSK Key : ###
Key Renew Interval : 0m


BSS Rate Set :  1,2,5.5,11 Mpbs
Multicast Rate : Auto
802.11n Protect : ON
Translate : Translate
DTIM Period : 1
Wireless Client Isolation : NO
Output Power : 100%

//5Ghz - OFF
//MAC Filtering - NOT IN USE

//Multicast Control
Snooping : YES
Aging Time : 300s

//Guest Accounts - OFF
//Web Filtering - OFF


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Re: Wireless Connections Degrade the Wired Connections
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I am having the same issue with Thanks for posting
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