Author Topic: Requests: Static DNS entries being over-ridden by DHCP + Daylight Savings  (Read 3495 times)


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Some of my clients use OpenDNS to filter DNS for their kids. The problem is that Buffalo routers don't restrict themselves to just static DNS entries but add additional DNS entries from the WAN DHCP connection (DNS 1 & 2 are OpenDNS and DNS 3 & 4 are from the ISP). The minute there's a service issue with OpenDNS the router jumps over to the ISP DNS servers and all filtering is lost. The router has to be rebooted. I'd like to request that if static DNS entries are being used that the router not use additional DNS servers pulled from the ISP.

Second request is to add support for US daylight savings. Again my clients use eco mode to turn off WiFi so the kids aren't on their tablets all night. Right now I get phone calls twice a year when clients need to change the timezone on their routers.