Author Topic: New Buffalo LS-441de cannot see any USB drives?  (Read 3097 times)


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New Buffalo LS-441de cannot see any USB drives?
« on: April 09, 2015, 10:24:58 pm »

I just purchased the Buffalo NAS 4 port, LS-441de, diskless.

I am having so many problems setting this thing up.

I first had to deal with the fact that out of the box it was in Emergency Mode, essentially bricked.

I managed to clear that up from an article posted somewhere else other than Buffalo. Seems to me a typical encounter with the diskless boxes with not mention of what to do in the manuals.

After I got it working on a test drive, no raid setup just yet. One drive installed in slot 4.

I turned it off to move it to its permanent place in my house.

I turned it off, by using the web interfaces 'shutdown' option.

It turned off itself gracefully.

When I turned it back on, it came up once again in Emergency Mode. Turns out what ever has happened the hard drive was totally destroyed. Physically destroyed.

I found another drive to use and performed the whole procedure to get it out of Emergency Mode and back to running again.

Then after I felt everything was running OK. I performed multiple shutdowns and restarts, no problem.

The I attempted to attached a previously formatted (NTFS) USB drive. Which I always used as an external backup drive.

According to the manual I should be able to attached an external USB drive formatted in a variety of methods, one being NTFS.

I plugged the drive into the back USB 3.0 port. It is a USB 3.0 external hard drive. It Is a 3TB Seagate Drive.

After it was plugged in, I turned on the Buffalo unit and let it boot up.

After it was booted up, I went to the Advanced settings to add the USB drive. Using the USB Drive selection option.

For some reason it did not see the USB Drive at all. It was as if nothing was even plugged in. No error messages, nothing.

I then tried the whole thing again using the front USB 3.0 port.

Nothing again.

What is going on here.

When I purchased this, it said it could handle NTFS formatted drives. It even lead me to believe that I could format the Raid drives in NTFS. But that part is not true, it will only format the drives installed internally as XFS.

But it is supposed to be able to read any USB drive, except the one that are used for DIU or something like that, which are used as for cable box recordings on a DVR.

But a plain simple external backup drive formatted in NTFS is supposed to work.

The drive is seen when I hook it up to my computer.

So what is going on.

Is it possible my Buffalo unit is damaged out of the box?

Maybe the USB ports are not really connected internally to the motherboard inside the Buffalo unit.

I need to know soon, because I need to be able to return this for refund before its too late to do so.

Please advise.

Thank you!