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TeraStation Advance in the void
« on: January 20, 2015, 02:11:58 pm »

Having exhausted all the avenues I have found, I stumbled across a forum post eerily similar to ours at :

Today is Tuesday, January 20th, 2015. I had an escalation setup last Tuesday to get an advance shipment done on a TeraStation T58001608 to receive the advance unit by last Friday. I provided the necessary proof of purchase the following morning, checked back for an update with Technical Support periodically ever since. Last Friday, I was finally able to get access to the website which requests the CC information to process the order, and I checked Fedex Priority Overnight. What I knew as of end of day yesterday was that it still hasn't shipped.

Just now, a package from Buffalo has arrived. It's the unit. Standard Overnight. Perhaps the only one who knows is me.  :-P

 All newcomers however, be advised . . . this has been a very disheartening experience, and my dealings with some of the tech support staff were very unsettling.

 I would be happy to help. If anyone from Buffalo cares to follow up with me on the Customer Service front, I would be happy to add a positive corrective experience to this topic. Having said that, I hope you can also take corrective actions with certain members of your Tech Support staff; it would be in everyone's best interest.

Thank you. Quite late, but now I can begin building the array.


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Re: TeraStation Advance in the void
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