Author Topic: Files Invisible After Firmware Update  (Read 1039 times)


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Files Invisible After Firmware Update
« on: May 16, 2009, 11:36:50 am »

After getting nowhere with this thread: I contacted buffalo support. They sent me the instructions to do a firmware update (which I thought I'd done but apparently not).


The firmware's now updated and I can see my LS Live again. Yay! Except, wait for it, only one of my 2 shares is visible.


I had 2 shares: "Share" with 4GB of data, and "Media" with about 200GB.  The files in Media are still there because my 500GB drive is showing as nearly half full, but I can only access the "Share" share.  Is there any way to get at the data in Media?  Even if I can copy it off the NAS I can format the disk and copy it back, I just don't want 200GB of data taking up half my NAS when I can't access it.


Oh I tried simply recreating a share called media, but it's empty :(


Any ideas?