Author Topic: USB Drive with ACCESS DENIED on format to Fat32 or Ext3  (Read 2886 times)


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USB Drive with ACCESS DENIED on format to Fat32 or Ext3
« on: May 15, 2009, 03:07:11 am »

I have a USB drive to which i have connect this to the LinkStation.


I have attempted to format the drive to FAT32 and EXT3 using the LinkStation so that i can place files on the drive and use the drive on either my Linux Desktop or Windows XP Laptop.


The problem is that if i format the drive in EXT3 or FAT32 i am unable to write to the drive with a "Access Denied" Error appearing. I have however formatted the drive to XFS using the LinkStation, and this allows me to read/write, but i am unable to use the usb drive for anything else (i.e. i can not connect to other computers), and if the NAS was to fail, i would require another LinkStation to read the data.


Why would the option be to allow formatting to FAT32 or EXT3 be there, if i was unable to write anydata to the drive.Is the Drive Fault.


I have a LinkStation HS-DH500GL, I did have firmware 2.10, but updated to  2.11, where the problem still exists.


I have a few PCS,

a Windows XP Laptop, AMD 1.8, 2GB RAM, 200GB HDD

a Linux Desktop, Intel 2.0, 2GB RAM 160 HDD

a couple of other ones ...