Author Topic: Newbie Question about Navigator NAS redundancy  (Read 1736 times)


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Newbie Question about Navigator NAS redundancy
« on: December 13, 2014, 11:29:56 pm »
Have owned the Navigator for about a year, and successfully deployed it as a NAS for backup.
Can anyhow guide me to explaining how the redundancy works?

My Q might sound naive, but if one drive fails, how am I accessing the other one, which holds a mirror image?
Is there a simple tutorial I can navigate to?

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Re: Newbie Question about Navigator NAS redundancy
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2015, 01:34:35 pm »
So to quickly explain how redundancy works for Raid 1.. when you put data on the share it copies to both disk. If you want a more detail on it go here and this has alil info as well

If a drive fails your unit will still be accessible whether its in a Raid 0 or 1. Just raid 0 you data is gone if a disk fails where as raid 1 your data is safe :D.. You would simply replace the disk. If your unit is in warranty you can get your disk warrantied out. If its not you need to buy a new disk. When buying a new disk try to get the same size of drive. If its a 1TB, etx. No point in getting a bigger drive unless you are going to buy 2 disk and upgrade the unit. If so let me know There is certain ways to do that. that also voids your warranty as well but if you don't have a warranty anymore i wouldn't worry about it,.

So if a disk fails, you can still access everything as you would normally if a disk had not failed.
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