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WHR-600D Bridge Configuration
« on: December 31, 2014, 08:33:25 pm »
I bought the WHR-600D specifically to use as a bridge. This works best if the small vertical 3-position switch on the back is all the way to the bottom, i.e., bridge mode (go figure!  :) ).

After spending more hours than I wanted trying to figure out how to configure this silly bugger, I thought I'd create a quick post to help any other unfortunate souls ...

What is not immediately evident - and is only discussed in two short snippets in the 75-page PDF manual - is that the default IP address in this mode is, not the which is identified everywhere else and applies to "router" mode!!!

I've never been a big fan of automagic voodoo - (likely because I never seem to have any luck in getting it to work) - for that reason, I manually configured the bridge settings using the following process:

1. Modify PC network adapter settings and set IP address to something in the 192.168.11.*/ space. (I set my default gateway to, though I don't know if this is absolutely required.)
2. Switch the WHR-600D to "bridge" mode, connect a network cable between PC and one of the first 4 connectors, and power it up.
3. Once all the front-side flashing lights "stabilize", open a browser and navigate to, sign in using default device credentials, e.g., admin/password.
4. Presuming the web admin page is loaded, select "Wireless" then "WDS".
5. Click on the "Use" checkbox, and then select "Manual" from the connection type options.
6. Enter (or search-&-select) the SSID for the "master" wireless device, and enter the appropriate values for Authentication, Encryption, shared key, etc.
7. Press "Apply".
8. If appropriate, do the same thing for the 11n/g/b options and hit "Apply" a second time.
9. Presuming no errors, select the "LAN" option and then set the "LAN-side IP Address" to a static value rather than the "Acquire IP Address automatically" option. (Again ... no voodoo for me!!!)
10. In "Advanced Settings", set the "Default Gateway" and "DNS Server Addresses" as appropriate. (For my configuration, the gateway is the IP address of the "master" device.)
11. Press "Apply".