Author Topic: From Buffalo factory firmware to DDWRT in AirStation WZR-1750DHP  (Read 6774 times)


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I have a WZR-1750DHP and would like to install the DDWRT firmware used by WZR-1750DHPD. I found it in:

However, it does not include a factory flash binary. I found one in DD_WRT website:

I tried to use TFTP to upload this binary, but the router keeps ignoring it and start with the factory firmware again.
What's the right way of doing this? Is there any How to by Buffalo explaining how to make the change?
Given that many distributors do not offer the WZR-1750DHPD, this change of firmwares should be pretty common.


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Re: From Buffalo factory firmware to DDWRT in AirStation WZR-1750DHP
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So... let me state this. One if you do this you void your warranty. I will not help you in anyway if you brick your router nor will i help with issues on the firmware. I love dd-wrt, just not working on others. This is the one thing i am picky about.

You need to do the following.
log into the router with the bufpy/otdpopy[password] trick w
go to the firmware update page and upload the buffalo dd-wrt firmware.
After its done and you are able to loggin to the router. You need to do a factory reset to clear the memory. Once done you should be good to go.

I did this when it was on the released firmware for the router. And had no issue though to me, dd-wrt did not work very well.. or really that good at all. Reverted back to stock and there was a big difference of improvement.

Just letting you know. You lose like half your lan speed and wireless speeds. That what i lost
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