Author Topic: WHR-HP-G300N not accepting NEW wireless clients  (Read 1797 times)


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WHR-HP-G300N not accepting NEW wireless clients
« on: October 06, 2014, 01:08:08 pm »
I originally posted this under DD-WRT as I suspect it has to be a firmware problem and not hardware, but got no responses and thought I'd give it another try.

I have a G300N wireless router [DD-WRT v24SP2-MULTI (06/03/12) std - (SVN revision 19154)], it appears to be working fine, except for the fact that all of a sudden no new devices can connect wirelessly. All my old clients can reconnect even after rebooting the router, but no new ones. I've tried with Android and Windows. There's no error message returned, just never connects.

This nugget is out of context / sequence but I suspect it may be the only real clue to what's happening so I've copied it up front. Read on for context. I did manage to connect a device by getting its PIN and registering it as a WPS CLIENT PIN on the /AOSS.asp page.

This has got me bewildered, I can't even imagine how this problem is possible, unless it was DHCP related but I think I eliminated that by first adding the MAC to the DHCP Reservation Table, and when that didn't work assigning a static address directly on the computer before trying to connect. It occurs to be now, that I haven't tried disabling the DHCP server entirely. I'll try that too now, but don't have any high hopes of anything changing.

I've check all my setting, rebooted, nothing changes. I even reinstalled the firmware and reset everything to factory default (SSID, no password, everything). With the default setting I couldn't connect anything old or new, but when I restored NVRAM, devices that previously connected connected again.

While everything was set to default, I tried connecting with WPS/AOSS using the button on the router with no luck. But that doesn't mean anything as it's something I've always disabled and never knew how to use, so I could have been doing it wrong.
  I did manage to connect a device though by getting its PIN and registering it as a WPS CLIENT PIN on the /AOSS.asp page.
 When I restored my original configuration from an NVRAM backup file, I was again able to connect with my old devices, but not any new ones. (I didn't have a new device I could get a client PIN off of.)