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LS WXL E06 error code
« on: September 10, 2014, 05:02:43 am »
LS WX2.0TL/R1 Firmware 1.64

Can't find mention of this in the manual, but I found conflicting suggestions - either a corrupt firmware (if it was an XHL/CHL) or the US website said it was a fatal HD error - since my WXL has two drives, I think the chances of both failing at the same time without warning are slim.

Could someone confirm it is firmware related on my WXL? And if so, should I do the TFTP re-install?


I turned it on ready to do the TFTP. Keeping the function button pressed while turning it on resulted in E16 - (Array being created).  I have left it running for over 34 hours and will leave it till I get home tomorrow evening ...... should it take this long to create the array?


I should really pay more attention to the PDF manuals, I16 is the array being created (which means the lamp should have been orange).  E16 (When the lamp is red) spells "Hard drive not connected". My lamp was red. DOH!

After turning off and on again, it's back to E06.  In case anyone else is interested, I will replace the drive and let you know how i get on.  When it WAS flashing E16, drive bay 1 was red also, so I guess that is the offending drive - so that'll be first to get swapped.

Many thanks,

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Re: LS WXL E06 error code
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2014, 01:43:30 am »
  • Replaced the suspect drive
  • unit started up with flashing orange I12
  • logged on to admin via direct cable using IP address reported by NAS Nav
  • told the NAS to recreate the array from drive 2 - caused a flashing orange I18
  • Went to bed
  • Bingo everything seems fine this morning