Author Topic: Killed Portable harddrive  (Read 3299 times)

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Killed Portable harddrive
« on: July 07, 2014, 12:00:59 am »
Mistakenly I plugged my 1.5gb Seagate Goflex into the USB slot on my Buffalo LS-WGTL/R1 to upgrade my music files, and it wasted it(Goflex). Now it is not recognizable and it wants to format my disc. So somehow it wiped my fat files (?) and I want my files and info back. So what happened to it? Are there any utilities that can repair or un-do what happened to it. I don't want to mess around with it and screw it up any worse than it already is. No data was transfered to the Buffalo, but mine got gished. Does anybody have any ideas or resolutions. Alot of data is now poof, never expected the heartbreak.