Author Topic: LinkStation LS421DE a cpl of suggestions (USB HDD support and power management)  (Read 3542 times)


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Dear Buffalo Team!
I recently purchased your product LS421DE in Russia. First of all, I'd like to thank you because you did really good product for reasonable money and it worth every cent I paid for it.
I bought it for my home network, so my expectation was not RAID and other it geeks features, but simple support gigabit ethernet, DLNA and torrents. I found everything in this excellent device and really appreciate that you took to consideration all claims from customers of your competitors like DLink and Iconbit: LS421DE is silent, powerfull, with good software for DLNA (TWonky 7) and torrents (BitTorrent).
There are only two things that disappointing me and highly demanding in future firmware updates:
- support for external USB HDD other vendors except yours ( it was unpleasant surprise to found out it - neither documentation nor specification declared this limitation). At least such leaders like Seagate, WD, HItachi and Fujitsu supposed (with FAT32 and NTFS)

- Power management functionality in current firmware support just scheduling to turn-off, but it will be really nice to have feature to set up "go to sleep mode in case of inactivity for XXX minutes".

With these two features I'll be completely happy with my purchase.