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Spam on the boards - registration questions


Looks like people think you want to watch pirated TV shows and get lots of malware and viruses on your computer.

I'm trying to keep on top of it, I've made the registration questions somewhat tougher. At some point we might add some software to the forums to try to cut down on spam. I've read that the Captcha is totally defeated, so I've toned that down some, but there are replacements for it to try to catch some of the bots I might get added.

Thanks, all.

Someone finally programmed bots with answers to the questions. We'll see if these last at all.

Type in the square root of nine plus the square root of four (spell out the answer)? five
What is the fifth word in the following phrase : "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"? have
Type in eighteen minus the square root of forty-nine (spell out the answer)? eleven

Every registered member should now have the ability to report a post to a moderator.

I have installed ReCaptcha v2 for verification. If it fails to work, we are back to the maths.


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