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White LED never stop blinking LS421DE
« on: March 08, 2014, 11:09:27 pm »
Hello all!

I own a LS421DE and since I half filled it it with movies, photos and mp3 files(approx 41000 files)  it doesn't stop blinking since 2 days and it doesn't appear in the Buffalo navigator window !!!
Is this normal ?

I know that every time you turn it on it blinks(approx 2mn) and then stops to blink and only at that time it appears in the Buffalo navigator but my problem is simple never stops blinking.

For more information, I can go inside and read files through the windows 7 "network" so it works well as windows recognize it and allow me to read files.

Thanks for your help.


I have news!! It keeps blinking while the power button is turned to off position !!!!
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