Author Topic: How to set up a USB printer under the DD-WRT operating system  (Read 2214 times)


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I went to set up a USB printer under the DD-WRT OS today and from several different posts picked up the bits and pieces I needed. In the interest of helping the next guy I've pulled them all together in this post. If the Admins find this to be duplicative they are free to delete the post.

I suspect the info below is applicable to any Buffalo router running DD-WRT.

I plugged the USB printer into the USB port on my  WZR-600DHP and turned the printer on.

I went into SERVICES > USB and enabled all the USB supports, saved and applied.

From the laptop I added a new printer, added it as a network printer. When searched, the printer did NOT show as listed.

Selected as "Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname. Typed in the IP address for the router on your computer.

To determine the correct IP address for YOUR situation, sign on to the router, select STATUS, then select LAN, looking in the box at the top of the screen which contains the MAC address, IP address, subnet mask, Gateway and Local DNS the IP address box contains the IP address you want to use. Gateway may well be blank.

Click on Next. If the router is not found, it will ask you the type of card you are using, generic will do.

At this point select the make and model of printer from the choices provided. If your printer is not listed, install the printer driver from the printer manufacturers website and say "Have Disk" then point to the location where you installed the printer driver. Select finish and print a test page to confirm.

Consider it this way...To reach the USB port on the router your computer needs to know the router IP address. Once it knows the router IP address it can see the printer hanging off of the USB port.

Hopefully, this is a little bit fuller explanation and pulling all the info into one place will be found useful.