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LS-250GL Power Supply
« on: February 14, 2014, 05:18:13 am »
Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum.
I have a LS-250GL network drive.  As mentioned in other posts, the unit error LED flashed 6 times indicating HD issue.
After a short fault analysis, it turned out the HD was not spinning at all.  Checking the 12V and 5V showed reduced voltages.  I have decided to replace the electrolytic capacitors on the power supply.  I started with the biggest one on the AC rectification (47 F, 400V) and found that in my case, that capacitor was the faulty one.  Since the board was out of the power supply enclosure, I have decided to replace all remaining capacitors as the cost of the new capacitors was only minor.
If you are unable to find the exact values, the following rules should be observed:

1. Don't use capacitors with a lower voltage than the voltage on the original capacitor.

2. Don't use capacitors with a lower capacitance than the capacitance on the original capacitor.

3. You may use capacitors with a higher capacitance or rated voltage but those tend to be larger in size and in many cases will not fit the printed circuit board or the power supply enclosure.

4. Make absolutely sure that you keep the correct polarity when soldering the new capacitors.

I have replaced the original capacitors with new ones as below:

1. 47 F, 400V → 47 F 450V
2. 2200 F, 10V →  2200 F, 16V
3. 470 F, 10V →  470 F, 35V
4. 1000 F, 16V →  1000F, 16V
5. 220 F, 16V →  220 F, 35V

And while you are at it, I suggest to replace also the 1 F, 50V capacitor which is a part of the power supply switching mode oscillator circuit.

The unit is now as good as new.
Have fun.

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