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Webinterface Loginproblem with TS live
« on: March 12, 2020, 04:09:37 am »
Hello everyone,,
I've a little Problem with my TS Live:


I can't login to the Webinterface with the Admin Account. He allways say me Incorrect User or Password. With the Guest account it will work. Also i can Change the Ip-Adress in the NAS-Navigator, but i can't click on  "I'm here". He says:"Failed password authorization" I've used the reset button many times, but the only things happen is, that he make some "peeps", shows me in the Display "SYSTEM I23 Initializing" and changed the IP-Adress from a fixed to one from DHCP.

The firmware is 2.14 and when i want to flash it again, he asked for the password and dont accept the default "password". I've searched along the web. Maybe it is a problem in the Apache-Web-Server? Can it be, that the "Reset"-Button resets the linux-Password but not the Apache-Password?


Background, what have I done so far:

as i remarked that the TS won't let me in the Webinterface i press instead of the reset Button the "Display" and "Power" Button for 30 seconds. As a result of this i've got a E24 Kernel error. In the Forum i have read to pull out the first device and Flash the TS live to the newest Firmware, what i've done.


Does anybody have a hint for me? My Data is completly saved on another Harddrive. So if the Data may lost it is no Problem for me.