Author Topic: Ordered a router online - Fed Ex claims delivery - nothing was delivered - help!  (Read 3630 times)


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I ordered a router from your online store - Buffalo Store.  "Apparently" the router was delivered by Fed Ex this past Saturday (11/30) and dropped off at my front door.

The problem is, I was home and it was not delivered to my home at all.

I've called Fed Ex and they are trying to determine where my router was delivered.  However, they stated that should they not be able to determine what's happened to my delivery I should contact the vendor (that being Buffalo) and request a new order.

I have emailed Buffalo Store twice now - and have yet to receive hear anything from them.  Since they only provide an email address - I am getting nowhere.  First email was sent to them on Monday 12/2 and the second on Tuesday 12/3.

I really need someone from Buffalo to contact me or reach out to the Buffalo Store and ask them to contact me!  I've even supplied my phone number in both emails to them.





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My understanding now (after talking to Buffalo Store) is I have to contact Buffalo directly.

None of your extensions work - marketing, sales nor the receptionist.

I've emailed twice - once yesterday and once today.

Will someone please assist me????


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I'm so sorry to hear of this situation and will be happy to help direct you.

Have you tried calling the (866) 752-6210 number? 24X7 support is available there.