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NAS Not recognized by Windows.
« on: October 07, 2013, 06:11:25 pm »
Hi. I previously posted about my Windows 7 Ultimate laptop not being able to recognize my LS-WXL 2T in My Computer.

  The Navigator saw it. I could configure it. I could ping it. You name it. I could do it except that Windows 7 Ultimate would not recognize it. My other computer has no problem seeing it.
Seems to have happened after a power failure. I think my laptop was in hibernation. The NAS may have been "On" as opposed to "Auto". I don't remember. I just know that I couldn't access the NAS from my laptop.
My solution was to do a repair install of Windows 7 Ultimate. It's been ok for several hours now.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I spent 2 months trying to find an alternative solution. I really dug for it.
Is there an alternative solution? If so, point me there please. Thanks!
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