Author Topic: Standby mode on Linkstation LS410D  (Read 3555 times)


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Standby mode on Linkstation LS410D
« on: September 20, 2013, 01:46:09 pm »

I'm recently purchased a LS410D in Japan. I'm using this forum because hardly I will get any support in English in Japan. Originally I wanted a Linkstation Pro LS-VL, but for some reason Japanese retailers only have LS410 and LS-XL in stock. I finally bough the LS410D because is faster and more expensive than the LS-VL, so I though that it would have power management capabilities also, as the LS-VL does. However... no "Auto" position in the power switch, and no power management timers or anything else in the web interface. I took a look at the files in the Linkstation via SSH and it seems that the power manager scripts are in place, however disabled.

Can you please add power management capabilities in future version of the firmware??? Standby timers would be nice, but even nicer would be an option in the web interface to simulate the "Auto" position of the power switch of other LinkStations.

Please, I don't want the hard disk of my Linkstation spinning and wasting power 24/7. This will reduce the hard disk life dramatically. Also, in Japan energy savings are extremely important for the reasons everybody knows.

Thanks in advance.