Author Topic: LS-WVL08D Differential Backup Wipes USB & Starts From Scratch  (Read 1644 times)


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LS-WVL08D Differential Backup Wipes USB & Starts From Scratch
« on: September 16, 2013, 12:49:54 pm »
I purchased the LS-WVL08D for storing my photos, videos, movies, PC images and anything else. With it having a capacity of 7+GBs, I decided it best that I also have some form of offsite backup, so purchased two 3GB Seagate drives recently.

I set up two backup jobs, one for movies and one for everything else. I ran the Movies backup a few weeks ago and it backed up close to 2TB of data. I decided it best to run another backup today as I've added another 10-20GB of data, so set the job running a few hours ago. Imagine my surprise then when I just checked the progress in the webadmin screen to see that the USB drive has only 18GBs of data on it, and counting.

Why is the 'Differential Backup' wiping the entire USB drive and then rewriting everything back to it again, when all it should be doing is writing the 10-20GB of new data? This effectively means that during the time that this backup is running, I don't have any sort of backup since it's just been deleted. According to the help screen, it also means that I can't access any of the files being backed up (which is now everything) in case it corrupts it.

I'm running Windows, and the firmware on the Linkstation is current (so it says) version 1.60.

*** Amended '2GB of data' to '2TB of data'. The Differential Backup has been running for close to 24 hours and so far it has only backed up 870GB, despite there only being 10-20GB of new data. There is something seriously wrong here.

***** Addendum - Neighbourhood had a serious 11 hour power outage during my extremely l-o-n-g backup. It had been running continuously for 55 hours and still hadn't finished. Can someone from Buffalo please tell me that this cannot be right. How is anyone supposed to backup their data when the hardware insists on wiping your existing backup and starting again, and then taking over two days to do so.
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