Author Topic: LS421DE cannot mount USB hard disk!  (Read 12428 times)


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Re: LS421DE cannot mount USB hard disk!
« Reply #15 on: June 30, 2015, 10:16:20 pm »

I started this tread back in August 2013 with firmware version 1.11.

Has Buffalo been listening? I don't know, but I just see latest firmware 1.81 has been released in 2 days ago (29 June 2015). Here is what is written n the [Version History]...

[Version History]
Version 1.81
Added and Modified Features
- Improved recognition accuracy when connecting USB drives.
Bug Fixes
- Modified to deal with Samba programming vulnerabilities (CVE-2014-0178 and
- Fixed a bug where a backup job could not be added if the backup target folder
contains full-width spaces in its name.
- Fixed a bug where a shared folder, user, or group could not be created if its
name contains specific symbols.
- Fixed a bug where an invalid default gateway is configured when changing the
IP address on NAS Navigator2.

Does Buffalo finally fix the USB drive recognition problem...!? I don't know yet. Let me download the firmware & try it out. Stay tuned!