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Multiple Problems. 6TB Link Station
« on: August 23, 2013, 12:46:54 pm »
Problem 1.
I cannot register on this forum with my Outlook email addy as it just does not arrive, and no its not in my junk folder.

Problem 2.
Remote access is a pain, it works for a few minutes then stops.  There is no logic to when it does and at the moment its not working at all. I cannot access with the iphone app or using the

It did work over 3G when I first set it up but the it stopped.  If I accessed it over my Wifi LAN then switched back I would get a few minutes access then it would time out.

I have used DHCP, forwarded my ports and even put it in the DMZ. 

Problem 3.
So I thought, get my own DNS so I got an account with but when I try and use that I get the error message "external ports must only contain numbers"  Well, it is only numbers.  This is the same with the DHCP on or off.


Thanks in advance.

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