Author Topic: Mini LS-WSX1.0TL and Debian Wheezy - CIFS - NFS - FTP - SFTP  (Read 1542 times)


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I have migrated from Windows 7 to Debian Wheezy (GNOME) and have been trying to map the dives I have on my LS-WSX1.0TL
but without a success :(

The drive I map, is road only :(
sudo mkdir /mnt/LS-WSX1.0TL/
sudo mkdir /mnt/LS-WSX1.0TL/web/
sudo chmod 755 /mnt/LS-WSX1.0TL/web/
sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/LS-WSX1.0TL/web/ -o username=Workgroup/pi,password='raspberry'

Now I am a complete newbie to Debian so I would appreciate if someone could point me out right direction if I am doing something wrong or it can be done different way.
I have found that my LS-WSX1.0TL does NOT support NFS (only for more expensive models) so I am stuck with CIFS, FTP or SFTP (please someone correct me if I am wrong).

Which of those methods is the best to access my NAS and working with the files as I used to be able in Windows (Total Commander)?

CIFS is read only, FTP and SFTP is not as convenient as mapping the drives as local folders :(