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Web Access broken
« on: August 08, 2013, 07:46:23 pm »
Hi guys

I am new to the forum and have the same problem that so many Linkstation owners are reporting. Web Access is broken. I say broken I actually believe that there is a bug in it that prevents it from working if certain criteria are or are not met. My evidence for this is as follows:-

I have setup WebAccess with both ports set to 9000. I have setup port forwarding correctly in my router. But in canyouseeme it reports connection refused.

However, and this is what leads me to say that Web Access is broken, if I reset my Linkstation and in doing so lose my groups and users settings then put all the same Web Access settings in mysteriously canyouseeme now can see port 9000. If I goto and login when I get a webaccess screen that opens correctly. But the moment I set up my groups and settings I lose port 9000 again.

So obviously there is something in these settings that conflicts with WebAccess. I would suggest this is probably why so many users have had problems.

To further confirm this if I port forward 9050 I can access Twonky and if I port forward 21 then I can ftp into the Linkstation so that confirms that the problem is definitely not with my router but with Buffalo's not fit for purpose kit.

I would love to see a response from Buffalo.

My Linkstation is a LS-CHL v265f running firmware 1.60


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Re: Web Access broken
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Bump for this