Author Topic: ipredator vpn gateway service?  (Read 3644 times)


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ipredator vpn gateway service?
« on: July 11, 2013, 06:25:42 am »
Is it possible to use a wzr-300hp to connect to a pptp vpn service, and then share that vpn connection with the lan by hosting a vpn server?

I have a gateway for my dsl that spits out dhcp addresses, the wzr-300hp just forewards them. So the subnet for my home network is all Is is possible to setup a vpn gateway so that the router acts as it does now, no ip address changes have to be made, and the computers/gateway upstream of my wzr-300hp are accessable to the ones behind the router?

Everything i've read about setting up a vpn requires an additional subnet, and would not allow filesharing, and other lan services since there would be computers with upstream, and the lan subnet behind the wzr-300hp would be different.

I don't use the wan port, and want to keep the dhcp forewarding, while adding a vpn service to all computers on the home network. Ideally by having the wzr300-hp act as the client, and also a vpn server for computers to route their traffic through the pptp vpn service. All the while, keeping everything as in terms of ip addresses, so file/printer sharing doesnt get all screwy.

Any suggestions?