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USB Power Exceeded
« on: August 05, 2012, 02:31:13 am »

Hi, I have a concern regarding with my Portable HD. When I try to plug my external hd to my laptop and also to other laptops, the computer would just say, USB Power Exceeded which simply means that it won't detect my external and I need to plug it to a powered hub. Actually, the reason of this problem is that, I was using my laptop and the hard drive was still plugged in and I actually removed the battery of my laptop and when my cousin accidentally hit the wire where I plugged it, the laptop turned off. After that, I turned on my laptop again and the error came out, "USB Power Exceeded". What should I do.

Portable HD Model: HD-PETU2 (Made in China)
Firmware: I don't know.
OS: Windows 7

Looking forward to any help. Thank you!