Author Topic: "Configuration Profiles" for configuration settings on Routers  (Read 2082 times)


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"Configuration Profiles" for configuration settings on Routers
« on: October 30, 2012, 10:12:25 am »

I recently had purchased a High Power N300 Giga WZR-HP-G300NH Router and asked on here about setting up different "configuration profiles" in order to switch from Access Point mode to Wireless Client mode with as little downtime as possible.


I was informed about the Backup feature which lets you save configuration settings as a file that you can restore, which allows you to do exactly what I am proposing, however having to save them as files is a bit foreign to people who are not tech savvy or deal with networking interfaces on a semi-regular basis.


All-in-all I think it would be a great idea for Configuration Profiles to be implimented as a possible firmware update to all devices that can support the idea, as well as have it available by default for all new products that come out in the future.