Author Topic: Buffalo Linkstation Pro *VL has squeezecenter already supported by Melco ! Upgrade to 7.7.1 pls ?  (Read 1864 times)


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Please can I have firmware updated to include SBS 7.7.1 as my Logitech Squeezebox Touch requires it.! (Please can Buffalo update users on when SBS 7.7.1 will be available for its already supported squeeze server enable nas devices. Cheers Shaz


Already looking at which other Nas to use as can't be spending my life cancelling auto upgrade to 7.5 (which is a downgrade) when I connect to my buffalo. Pls cheers thanks


other SBS supported nas devices at at least 7.6.1 or higher e.g ReadyNas. (Looks like I will be getting a Readynas v2 if no upgrade is soon available!)