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some suggestions
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here are some suggestions for all Buffalo routers, even though I only use WBMR-HP-GNV2:


- dayllight saving features - easy to add, as all countries in the EU have their dates published in advance. Alternatively, a user could enter their own daylight saving dates each year.


- usage meter - it'd be a good idea to have a usage meter implemented in buffalo routers, esepcially those on the ADSL lines to know how much Internet has been used (some deals in the UK come with 20GB or 40GB limits).


- parental controls whereby you would have keyword and url blocking features. a must these days!


- ECO option is very good and very configurable, but would be better if it was done by putting types of ECO directly onto the schedule, rather than having to hit 'Apply' constantly.


- connection between the exchange and the router could be portarayed graphically!