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Time Machine - Limit the Size
« on: June 08, 2011, 04:47:07 am »

Time Machine stores the delta's for files which means that eventually the space consumed in a Time Machine sparebundle will be larger than the actual size of the hard drive it's backing up. This is fine, except my LS-XHL does not limit this size so Time Machine consumes all of my available space on delta's. You might say this is a Time Machine problem and not a LS-XHL problem, however Time Machine will delete delta's and backups if it reaches the limit with no space left. Problem is that this is the entire NAS available storage and setting a quota on the volume only results in Time Machine failing to backup rather than deleting old delta's.


I've tried all kind's UNIX commands to limit this myself with no avail, i'm now reaching out to you Buffalo, please help!!!


So the idea is to allow the administrator to set the size of the Time Machine backup. I can see that QNAP NAS supports this: