Author Topic: Time Support on WHR-G300N and WCR-GN - wrong.  (Read 1887 times)


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Time Support on WHR-G300N and WCR-GN - wrong.
« on: May 31, 2011, 10:54:00 am »

I posted this in the wireless section and an admin suggested that it belongs here, so . . . . Here it is:


This has been bothering me for the 1.5 years I've owned the WHR-G300N and 4 months I've had the WCR-GN.  The WHR is a V1 version and is running the most recent (V1.65) firmware.

Timezones & DST are not properly implemented and there is no manual DST support in the firmware.  And it simply always has the time set one hour off whether updating from PC or via NTP if I tell the device I am in my home time zone (Eastern USA).

How hard would it have been to code the devices properly and/or set up a couple of variables to allow the user to specify when (if) DST starts and ends?  My 15 year old $20 X10 controller has better time functionality and does it properly even though it predated the enhanced DST changes!

An e-mail to support in March yielded the following knee-jerk (and semi-useless) reply:

> Go into the web interface and go to Admin Config. You may have
> to change the time zone or use one of the drop downs for Daylight savings.

How hard would it have been to admit they'd screwed it up and suggest I set the device to one timezone East of my home?  Better yet, why not just fix the problem? 

Both routers behave the same way and it is IMO just stupid to have to choose a different time zone to see the correct time.

It would be nice to have their family of firmware fixed and made available.  This is not a fatal flaw, but it sure is annoying, maybe moreso to me because I ran a tech support group for 10 years and am sensitive to the concept of blowing off the client and not providing a corrected product;  I'd also have added some verbiage to cover users (like me) who have changed the address of the router - but that's just me.