Author Topic: Simulation Broadcast 'same-time' on Wireless Card and LAN Card.  (Read 1770 times)


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TeraStation stay in LAN (local area network), without contact with WAN (wide area network).


Macintosh MacBook Pro and Mini-Mac use AirPort to access on WAN to Browse the Website.

While MacBook Pro and Mini-Mac use LAN to access on TeraStation for TimeMachine or DVD Movie.


If I setting TeraStation on 'Auto-mode', while AirPort is on,

that cause TeraStation go to Standby Zzz... mode.

Because it only one Broadcast at a time.


If I turn it off on AirPort, that cause TeraStation awake up.


Right Now I am using 'Manual-mode' on TeraStation (on all the time and waste electric).

So I can use both WAN for Browse, and LAN for TimeMachine or DVD Movie.


I would like to add feature in future, that can do Simulation Broadcase 'same-time' on Wireless Card and LAN Card. That way I can setting on TeraStation on 'Auto-mode' switch. (to save electric.)


Current version NASNavigator2 2.31 on Macintosh not working.


As per Moderate drmemory said "...looked at by our Japan engineers, for consideration in future firmware releases."


My respond to Buttalo Tech. in Japan engineers...

It MUST update firmware (actually software NASNavigator2 2.31 that one is problem, not on firmware 1.50.) to SAVE ELECTRIC, because in Japan seek to save electric because of Nuclear Accident. Next month or so ... people in Japan will use a lot air-conditioning that cause not enought electric, TELCO (Tokyo Electric Light Co) will cut it off for 3-6 hours per week in different areas.

While you update on this, Please do not repeat every 50 seconds to write on System Log, that cause hog up hard disk.