Author Topic: DD-WRT Special Edition on Buffalo Routers  (Read 2475 times)


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DD-WRT Special Edition on Buffalo Routers
« on: March 04, 2011, 01:54:29 pm »

Putting DD-WRT on buffalo routers is a great idea, but why stop there. If you go to the link below you will see a product that is sold by the DD-WRT company called "DD-WRT Special Edition". This version of DD-WRT takes your router to a whole other level with features that I personally would want and pay extra to have. So why not go to the next level. Sure make the currect routers shipped with the normal firmware but give the option to upgrade for $20 to get the Special Edition of DD-WRT with all of these extra features. Example: Per User Bandwith Control. I would deffinately buy many copies of this just to get that one feature. Then add a few more and you have yourself a product that is more of a upgrade from the original for 15-20 bucks.