Author Topic: Direct (selectable) file transfer between RAID and external USB  (Read 1775 times)


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Direct (selectable) file transfer between RAID and external USB
« on: January 10, 2011, 09:59:45 am »

Running a 2TB LS-QL/R5 with 1.10 firmware, and a 1TB external USB drive (formatted as XFS) connected

to the rear USB port.   Running the Nav client on Windows XP with six clients accessing the shares.  


All working like a champ so far.  There were no issues with the setup (once I got the permissions right...

would like the manual to be a little clearer about that, but that would be a different post).  Now I have two 

perfectly visible and usable LinkStation shares (with RAID5 protection on one share for important files

and USB protection -- RAID0, if you're being picky -- in a different share for less-important files).


However, to move individual files between the two shares (the R5 RAID Array and the external USB drive),

I have to get a client of some ilk in the mix (which downloads the file from the LS to the client, then turns

around and uploads the file from the client back to the LS).   Seems like a lot more electrons being

temporarily inconvenienced than would otherwise be necessary, consuming network and client capacity

that's otherwise not really necessary.


It would be handy if this were available through the Nav interface, but I'm not particular about that.