Author Topic: Usb stick data pass through to hdd to save energy and hd life. (livestation)  (Read 2017 times)


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I've got a extra 16gb stick laying around and it would be great to use it as a pass through device that is always mounted on the livestation, data downloaded will be saved there and when 95% of the usb stick is full it spins up the internal HD and writes it there and deletes the data on the usb stick and shuts the HD off and the downloads continue on usb stick.

It takes a while to download 16gb especially with torrents so it could save allot of energy.


There are also bigger usb sticks, the energy saving would be greater when you have a bigger stick.




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Verry Good Idea!!

anyway powersaving functionalities could be a good feature.

i am using a HS-DHTGL/R5