Author Topic: Option to remove/hide/disable Virtual CDFS Partition  (Read 2215 times)


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Option to remove/hide/disable Virtual CDFS Partition
« on: September 03, 2010, 12:15:40 am »

As the subject says, a utility to remove/hide/disable the virtual CDFS partition much like U3 uninstaller would be good. There are a few good reasons (or problems) that justify this.


There are many potential problems with this extra partition, such as when you are connecting the harddrive to some media players. Most media players will only try to read from the first partition, hence it would be impossible to use the buffalo storage products with these media players.


Another possible issue is with a different operating system installation. In linux, these applications provided with Buffalo storage products are useless. Even for Mac users, most of these extra applications are also useless as most of them are Windows-only.


Lastly, some people do need to use the entire drive letters (network drives, virtual drive, etc.), hence the addition of the virtual CD drive may actually occupy one of the drive letter.


So, I think it would be good to have a sort of 'switch' or an option that can turn this on or off, or even completely disable it and recoup the remaining storage.


People, please support this idea. I think as customers of Buffalo harddrives, we deserve to have more control over the product we bought and paid for, and I am not the only one who wanted this feature.