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Client Packet Counters
« on: April 02, 2010, 09:42:04 pm »

On my new Buffalo router, I can see the clients currently attached by mac address, but it doesn't say anything more. Would it be reasonable to configure packet counters into this page?


One of my reasons for wanting this: On occasion I have suspected that a computer on my home network is infected with malware.

Being able to at least see which computer was the packet pig would help narrow this down.


Being able to count by destination IP, or by port (even if not all at the same time) would be even better.


E.g. If I find that the PC is taking up a large fraction of the bandwidth even if it's snoozing, then I tell the router, "Where is it going?"

and I get a list of IP numbers/name.  Then "What port is is using" and I see that most of the traffic is on port 25, then I can start looking for a mailbot on the PC.


Of course being able to run MRTG, ACID would be better yet.