Author Topic: TeraStation - User rights re-builder/checker/fixer  (Read 2020 times)


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TeraStation - User rights re-builder/checker/fixer
« on: March 15, 2010, 05:03:37 pm »

Hi .. not sure if I am doing this correctly ..

But here I go anyways ..

I have a TeraStation (TS H4.0TGL/R5) that is having security/rights issues for most of my staff (20+)

Why can't you build a Rights Re-builder/Fixer for these boxes?

It could check the rights of the users/groups (Admin or Read Only) and then Verify/Fix

issues it finds ..

It does not seem like it should be that difficult to do .. as these boxes (if I am correct) run some

Linux version of software .. correct ?


I am suspecting I will have to blow away the box, then re-build it and then restore all of the data ..

This will take a good date at least !  Where a little app could fix my problem in a coulpe of hours !!