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How to Use the Idea Exchange
« on: January 08, 2010, 10:24:34 am »

******Ask your friends to vote for your idea - ask forum members to vote for your idea - ask the most active members to vote on your idea***********We have to show our engineers that an idea(s) is really popular and strongly favored!


Registered members can post an idea for a product feature.

One idea per post.

Choose a good Subject line that includes the product part number, or type (NAS, DAS, wireless, etc) and short description of feature.


Members can vote on your idea by adding a kudo to it. Top kudoed ideas will rise to the Hot Ideas and Top Ideas. Top Ideas will be looked at by upper management every month.

* Notice the kudo arrow at the left. This is where you click to add a kudo (only one per member, and the author can't kudo himself.)

* Don't kudo this post, as it isn't a feature idea. 


The wishlist threads will now be locked, as we want members to be able to vote (kudo) and have the most favored ideas rise to the top as determined by members, not moderators or admin.