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« on: August 12, 2010, 06:54:08 am »

hi. my HD-H1.0TGL is going crazy since days.. it shows.. error inRAID array1 then i clicked on it .and it gives me message error was detected .. select the target disk and click restructure... should i be doing that?? what would happen if i restructure that error disk. ? im afraid i cant lose my data. coz its almost full in 1 tera...and any luck to upgrade this to 2 tera?:smileytongue:


thanks for yuor time


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Re: Error!!!!!
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Just select the specific disk and choose to restructure, this will not harm the data, as for upgrading, the unit was not meant for drives bigger than 1TB, power supply and internal board were not meant for those big drives.  You are welcome to try, but nothing can be guaranteed